Following Moscow Declaration 2019: SAI Thailand and engaging academic community and promoting SDGs audit

According to the Moscow declaration 2019, SAIs can increase their positive impact by establishing productive interaction with the auditee and enhancing cooperation and communication with the academic community and public in general. Nowadays, the State Audit Office of the Kingdom of Thailand (SAO) plays the role to collaborate with the academic community through academic activities like cooperative research, workshop, academic forum, etc.

From the State Audit Policy 2018-2022, the State Audit Commission of Thailand promotes and supports preparedness of the State Audit Office in evaluating and overseeing enhancement and achievement of government budget execution in response to auditing the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs audit.

To gain in-depth knowledge in academic fields, it is necessary for our SAI to communicate with experts and academic communities. Since 2019 SAO has engaged with the academic institutions in order to adapt and develop the capacity of auditors to be catch up with the trend of environment and sustainable development.

SAO has cooperated with SDG Move who are SDGs expertise in Thailand. SDG Move is a collaboration between the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) and the Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University. SDG Move plays the role of SDGs think-tank in Thailand. One of the key missions is to academically support and monitor the development of SDGs in Thailand at every level, in addition to working with all sectors to achieve the Goals.

Certainly, SAO approached SDG Move in order to enhance cooperation and communication with SDGs expertise also promote the role of SAO Thailand as a key player in the SDGs area, too.

The main activities of our development plan engaging with Economic faculty, Thammasat University is following the themes for enhancing the capacity of auditing SDGs by initiating 4 activities including: -
- SDG101 workshop; aiming to share essential knowledge to auditors.
- E-blending course which implemented the approach of INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), to provide intensive materials of auditing and expects the auditors to apply knowledge in the process of performance auditing and produce SDGs audit report as a result.
- Action research; conducted as a development tool from Research to Policy and Practice
- Seminar; held in order to share the result of action research. The dissemination aims to distribute knowledge and the best practices to the public and allows the government to monitor and report on the progress of auditing.

Prepared by SDGs team of SAI Thailand
Dr. Sutthi Suntharanurak,
Nunnapat Rueangsri,
Phattraravee Parvaputsakul,
Chomprang Wongrusmeeduan,
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Date 23 April 2020